AT for Musicians at Boston Conservatory at Berklee

Welcome to the Alexander Technique for Musicians Course at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.  This page is primarily for students currently enrolled in the course.  Here I will post assignments and resources just for class.  If you are interested in the  Teacher-Training Course there is another page on this website just for that!  

If you have found your way to this page, you may be disappointed.  Conservatory students can now find all assignments and materials in Google Classrooms. 

But here are some tidbits for you:

Interesting video on how your body affects your happiness:

Here’s an article I may have mentioned in class on The Alexander Technique and Poker.  It’s a great article written by my husband.  Enjoy!

Here’s a link to the article by David Gorman I have mentioned in class: The Rounder We Go, the Stucker We Get

One more link–to an article on musicians by Frank Pierce Jones:


Here is my version of Alexander’s Directions, which I will discuss in class:

Let your neck free, to the degree that it can at any given moment (this is a gentle wish– not a strong “doing”)

So that your head can rebalance itself (Your head knows where to go. It continues to move relative to what you are doing.)

So that you can connect to the rest of yourself ( I used to say “so that you can connect with your primary movement pattern,” but last semester I kept saying “the rest of yourself” and I like it for now.)

So that you can be connected to and responsive to the world around you.

So that you can sense its support!

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