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Anyone who has studied with me over the past 20 years, has heard me speak of my three neck theory.  I think it’s time I went public!  Alexander was very interested in the relationship of the head to the neck.  This is a rich area and acts as a sort of control tower for guiding the rest of us.  When I contemplate its power, I think about the neck as a connector.  We have so many senses that are housed primarily in our heads.  The neck is the pathway to connecting those senses to the rest of us.

So where do the other two necks come in?  If I look at the neck as a connector, then I see the wrists and ankles as connectors- as necks- as well.  Our contact with the world around us comes in through our tactile sense as well as those of sight , hearing, etc.  Taken in this context, the wrists and ankles act as necks.

Support for my theory: 

An Alexander teacher friend told me, upon hearing my theory, that the words in Japanese for wrist and ankle are neck of the hand and neck of the foot.  The words sound like: Kobi (neck), Te Kobi (wrist) and Asi Kobe (ankle).  I am happy for my Japanese friends out there to comment on this.

How does this enhance my teaching?

The first neck is the one we all know and love.  As an Alexander teacher I am certainly interested in its relationship to the rest of us.  But I do find that if I give attention to the other necks as well, I can more clearly help the student connect their reactions to various stimuli to the interferences they adopt in their necks.  We have a beautifully integrated system.  Information coming into one area necessarily informs the rest of us.  Give it a try.  It’s fascinating.

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