Here we are

January 11, 2022 at 10:19 pm Leave a comment

Here we are……

Here we are again, starting another semester in a pandemic. What strikes me now is how we have habituated, to some degree, to it all. We may not want to wear a mask, but we do it–and we no longer forget to do it. We may not want to get tested every week, but we do it–and we don’t forget to do it. It doesn’t take long to form a habit. Some of our habits are life-saving. We know which way to look when we cross the street. But if we travel and need to look in the opposite direction, we learn to do that rather quickly. The Alexander Technique allows you to be conscious of your choices moment to moment. In that way, we can allow our habits to guide us when we wish. Or we can intercept them and look the other way to cross the street.

For some, the habits around mask-wearing and test-taking have not really formed. What a great opportunity to observe yourself in response to the world! Do you almost forget to wear a mask, but then become conscious of the necessity to do so? Do you almost forget to take that test? Our conscious awareness is close to the surface–close enough to observe and then to make choices. As we return to school this semester, let’s recognize the opportunity we are being given to observe ourselves. It may be the silver lining in all we are facing now. I know, the glass is always half full for me…

Have a productive and safe semester everyone!

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