End of Semester Blues?

April 25, 2022 at 11:40 pm Leave a comment

Photo by alexey turenkov on Unsplash

Well-we have nearly made it to the end of another semester. The final weeks can often bring extra stress. The tools you all learn from your Alexander Technique lessons can help manage that stress.  Did I say “manage”?  I did.  Because if you think there’s a magic button to press and it will all disappear, you’re mistaken.  What happens is that our relationship to the stressful situations can change.  How? By finding your support and your simple primary movement pattern.

Acknowledging the stress that you feel can also go a long way.  The acknowledgment removes conflict from you.  Denying there’s a stressful situation when there is one, creates conflict. Alexander spoke of “psychophysical unity.” Acknowledging the truth of your emotions can direct you toward psychophysical unity.

If you have taken the AT for Musicians class or another AT class at Boston Conservatory at Berklee, then you know all about this.  And you know of other tools you can use now too.  For example, the simple act of extending your exhale beyond what’s typical for you will stimulate a nice full inhale.  A great tool this time of year.

The end of the semester and all the balls you’re juggling presents the perfect opportunity to practice your Alexander Technique. You can do this!!!

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Science and the Alexander Technique

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