Summer Alexander Technique Retreats

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As we navigate this new world we live in, everything is becoming an online experience.  So many people have questioned the feasibility of learning the Alexander Technique (AT) online.  After all, it has historically been a hands-on teaching. This may surprise you, but learning and teaching the AT online is not only doable—it has advantages. Recently in my AT for Musicians classes at the Conservatory, I asked the students about the benefits of learning online.  As far as learning AT, they agreed that being able to have class at home meant that they were applying the AT principles more often in their lives than they had done while taking the class at school.  Fascinating– and not surprising when you think about it.  I also believe there is an empowerment that they did not expect.  There is much less sense of needing me there to help them.  I have always weaned my students from hands-on work.  So at this time of the semester we would have been relying much less on hands-on experiences than we did in January. But this empowerment came a little early and it works. Another benefit I had not previously considered is that some students may be reticent about the hands-on aspect of the teaching.  By studying online any fear of being touched is obliterated.

Now we are approaching the summer.  Usually there are several retreats to explore.  But the coronavirus pandemic means these retreats will be online.  Not “but”—AND! What an opportunity to study this amazing work, to learn about the patterns of behavior you may not have even known you had — and to learn that they need not be permanent.  I am teaching on several retreats.  You can visit my workshop page for more information and you can Google Alexander retreats to find more.

Happy AT study!

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The New NOT-NORMAL Touch, AT, and a Pandemic

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